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Streaming the Future: Carrick, Perry, Winchester Thurston, Fox Chapel & more…

#StreamingTheFuture By popular demand, last week’s live Remake Learning Days talk show hosted by high school students from Carrick, North Allegheny, Perry, Cornell, Winchester Thurston and Fox Chapel will be rebroadcast Friday, May 26th from 3-6 PM at Now on demand… Oakland Catholic’s RadiOC: Environmnetal Episode Propel Braddock Hills Middle School: On friendship… The […]

Round Up: Interview with Molly Born (Post Gazette) + Westinghouse Clean-Up + Audio Pen-Pals

Here’s some audio highlights for the month of April! #CatchTheFuture

Round-Up: Brashear Arabic Speakers, YMCA Lighthouse Spotlight, & Montour Spartan Express

Brashear High School in Pittsburgh serves about 1,300 students, 22% of whom are immigrants or former refugees who are learning to speak English. For a different perspective on U.S. immigration policies and realities, Youth Express spoke with ten students from Syria, Iraq and Yemen — with a translator, when needed — to provide perspective and […]

Streaming Justice 2017

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, high school students hosted Streaming Justice, a live five-hour webcast. From 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., participants hosted the live webcast, selected the songs played during their segments and learned about the equipment used in a live broadcast. Discussions covered topics such as civil rights, youth engagement, public education […]

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Download the new Youth Express App today and #CatchTheFuture

Round-Up: To Kill a Mockingbird, National League of Cities, & more!

      YES: National League of Cities       YES: To Kill a Mockingbird

Round-Up: From the Classroom

  Hear more on-demand audio from our various programs: Westinghouse After School Academy, 2016-2017: “Three Things About Me” Propel Hazelwood After School: If I Were Mayor Woodland Hills Prime Time, 2016-2017: Funny Stories & Hobbies Propel Pitcairn After School: My Neighborhood

Round-Up: YMCA Lighthouse, Spartan Express, & Woodland Hills PrimeTime

School is back in session and Youth Express is back in the classroom! A few announcements… NEW On-Demand Audio from Woodland Hills PrimeTime Afterschool Radio Club: When I Grow Up… We’ve teamed up with Montour High School to launch Spartan Express – a student run program that will feature all things “Spartan” – stay tuned for monthly […]

Round-Up: PGH Youth Media Update

1 month. 22 reporters.16 high schools. 62 articles. $2,375 in earned stipends. Congratulations to all of our youth reporters who did an amazing job this summer! You can read all of their recently published stories at Stay tuned for more from our youth reporters as we transition into Fall. P.S. You can also stream select […]